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invoice tracking

What is invoice tracker? It is a system that monitor your accounts receivable, tracking invoice balances and logging payments. It is also called invoice record keeping template or invoice register / management template.

All templates downloadable here on are invoice forms, but Invoice Manager for Excel offers advanced invoice tracking and logging functionalities beyond what an Excel-based invoice tracking template could do.

  • Detailed payment logs. Each payment is logged with detailed information, including the invoice number, paid date, payment method (online payment, credit card or check etc.), reference#, and there is also a "Notes" field allowing you to record additional information about the payment.
  • Tracking invoices easily. Simply click the "Invoices" button, a list of all invoices and balances marked with different colors that indicate the status of each invoices (pending, paid, voided). You can also add / hide columns by clicking the "Columns" button on the toolbar, or filter the visible rows by using the search bar.
  • Accounts receivable at a glance. Clicking the "Customers" button to show a list of all customer accounts and their amount dues. Again if you have a large number of clients locating a particular one is easy with the search bar.
  • Customer Statement report. Specify the starting and ending date to generate statements for a client, which shows the history of invoices and payments.
  • Payment reports. Specify the date range to generate the payment history sheet.

There is a lot more UIS could do for you. Download the trial version to see how it works for you. If you are still interesting in a pure-Excel invoice tracking template, you can find one on Microsoft web site.

Here are our templates closely related to Invoice Tracking Template.

Translation Service Receipt

Whether you're a freelance translator or interpreter, or you're running a small business offering translating service, it is import to receive payment timely. A professionally designed receipt (invoice) helps. You don't need an expensive accounting or book keeping software program for that. A free and simple spreadsheet sheet template like this one produces elegant results too.

Boutique Bill Sample

Designed for boutique clothing store, showroom, salon, couture and related industry, this boutique invoice template features a watermark image of fashionable models. Download it free of charge and print attractive and unique bills or create PDF boutique invoices.

Appraisal Invoice Template

This is a project-based contractor invoice Template. It does not calculate totals but offers a manually editable "Total" field on the bottom of the printable sheet. There are also fields for "Amount Received" and "Total Due". This makes the form suitable for progress and partial payment. If you have Invoice Manager for Excel installed, our invoicing software automatically tracking payments and invoices, so that you'll never need to do that manually.

Artist Receipt

This template is not an itemized layout, as it provides only one field for you to write down the amount of money involved in the sale. This is sometimes referred as project-based. On the form body section you should describe the art or service as detailed as possible. For example, if it's artwork you should include the dimensions, media and title, whether or not it is framed etc. You may also need to write down the commission details of the transaction.

Turkish Invoice Template

The text labels outside of the printable area remain in English. All the normal program Windows, such as "Customer Edit" and "Invoice Edit" windows, are also in English too. For more information on doing business in Turkey, feel free to visit Doing Business in Turkey (PDF).

Danish Bill

With this sample template, we translate text inside the printable form into Danish using an online tool. Visit Denmark VAT Guide for Businesses, Bookkeeping, accounts and invoices and eInvoicing in Denmark for more information. The following chart shows the text translated.

Television Service Billing Template

The "Bill To" section inside the printable section works in a different way than most templates here on All fields in this section are locked, which means they are not manually fillable on creating invoices once the sheet is protected.

Packing List Template

Packing Slip Form was created by modifying the default sales invoice template that shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel; you can still customize it to meet your business requirements and corporate style. It is easy to do with Microsoft Excel. For example, to change the background / pattern of a text label, you can just right-click the cell and then choose Format Cells, and then choose the background or pattern from the dialog box.

Spanish Invoice Template

Invoice Manager for Excel uses names to identify the purpose of objects. For example, the "Save to DB" is named "oknCmdSave", and the "Save As New Customer" button is named "oknCmdSaveAsNewCustomer". All fields that should be saved to database are also named.

Psychologist Invoice Template

Except the "Current Balance" column, which is in fact the "Line total" column in the default invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel, all the other columns are manually fillable when you create an invoice. The calculation of "Current Balance" is done by "Charge - Payments - Insurance Payments" using Excel formulas. As you can see, we completely redefined the calculation method of the "Current Balance" or "Line total" cells, without breaking or modifying Invoice Manager for Excel, which is our invoicing software that processes tasks like saving invoices, auto-generation of invoice numbers, tracking customers etc. Even in complex accounting / invoicing systems on the market, this level of flexibility could hardly be found. Invoice Manager for Excel archived this easily because it uses Excel spreadsheets as its front end.

Wholesale Produce Distributor Invoice Template

This template has basically the same fields as the default template included in the installer program of Invoice Manager for Excel. For example, on the top of the form, you'll first find the logo image, company details for your wholesale produce distributor business on the left portion. On the right-side, there are invoice#, invoice date and customer#.

A C invoice template

Note: An updated version, which includes a custom form for mechanical services business, is also available. Visit it at HVAC Service Invoice Template.

Proforma Invoice with Printable Earth Map Background

Microsoft Excel provides powerful and flexible tools to format and present font-end data. This means we can easily design a professional and beautiful invoice layout easily with Microsoft Excel.

PayPal Payment Button Using Custom Image

For steps on adding the PayPal payment button to your invoices and bills, see PDF Invoice with PayPal Button.

In this example, we take c3012 Freelance Writer Invoice format as the base template and starting point, demonstrates how to replace the image using Excel. "c3012 Freelance Writer Invoice" is a service invoice template, and is one of the featured template on invoice templates for freelancers.

Basic Blank Service Bill Format (Two-taxes, Long Description)

Invoice Manager for Excel is our popular invoicing software app that leverages the power of both Microsoft Excel and a back end database (could be in either Microsoft Access or SQL Server format), and by combines the power of the two mature technologies it creates a flexible and complete invoicing system. By installing Invoice Manager for Excel, you'll be able to create invoices and email directly to your customers (in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format, in Adobe PDF format, or in Image / PNG format), at a glance see which customers are overdue for payment, record full and partial payments, provide credit notes or issue refunds, record payments received and create products and manage inventory. All this could be done from your Excel formatted invoicing template. You don't need expensive accounting software applications for invoicing. One of the advantages of a template is that it is very easy to use. A free and budget-friendly template could produce amazing result too, as what you could see from the screenshots shown.

Australian GST Invoice Template (2)

As detailed on the Australian Taxation Office web site, the invoice layout should include sufficient information to ascertain:

To create the conditional formatting for the GST Amount cells in Excel 2013, here are the steps to follow.

Standard Business Invoicing Format with Oval Button
  1. Before we begin the customization procedure, back up the template first. Do this by simply copying the template in Windows Explorer.
  2. Open the template.
  3. Switch to design mode button by clicking the "Design Mode" button on the "Invoice" worksheet. This command combines several switches and options from Microsoft Excel: unprotect the worksheet, push down the "Design" button on the "Developer" ribbon tab, show gridlines and row/column headings. In design mode, UIS stops react to clicks on buttons, so that you can move / resize the buttons and other objects.
  4. Right-click to select the "Save As New Customer" button. When creating invoices, you can use this button to create new customer accounts, or update existing customer record.

    Note you may have to right-click on the area near the border on the button. Otherwise you are activating the button text to make it editable. Right-clicking on the area near the border of the button makes you are selecting the shape object itself, but not the text / label inside it.

  5. Click to activate the "Format" Excel ribbon tab.
  6. From the "Insert Shapes" group, click to pull down "Edit Shape", and then choose "Change Shape", and then from the "Basic Shapes" group choose the first one "Oval" - Excel changes the "Save As New Customer" from rectangle to oval.
  7. Repeat the above steps for "View Customer" and "Save As Bill To" buttons. The "View Customer" button allows you to open the "Edit Customer" window for the client identified by the "oknWhoID" cell value (i.e. the client#), which will show you the detailed account information including account receivable, detailed contact information, or you can click the "History Invoice" button on the "Customer Edit" window to get a list of all invoices of this particular customer, where pending, paid and void invoices are marked with different colors.

    The "Save As Bill To" button simply copies the address and contact information filled in the "Bill To" section to the "Ship To" section. This could be a handy time-saver when it could be used.

  8. You can of course change other buttons like "Customers" and "Products", "Reports" etc. To keep this tutorial simple and clear, we'll stop here.
  9. Now exit design mode by clicking the "Design Mode" button again on the "Invoice" worksheet.
  10. Save the template by clicking the "Save" button on Excel quick access toolbar.
Proforma Invoicing Form
  1. Start Excel as usual. On the File tab, choose the Options button.
  2. In the Excel Options dialog box, choose the Customize Ribbon button.
  3. In the list of main tabs, select the Developer check box.
  4. Choose the OK button to close the Options dialog box.