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Business Invoicing Form

This types of designs are created using custom fields - i.e. user-defined fields.

A custom field is a field added to both the underlying database and the front-end Excel worksheet. So if your business requires more detailed / specific information on a form, simply add a new field using the custom field.

Contractor Invoicing Layout

In this Contractor Invoicing Layout, we use the "Bill To" found on the original invoice template for "Contractor", including name, Address, City State and ZIP, Phone, Email and Contractor#; and, we use the "Shipping To" section for "Client", including its Name, Address, City State and ZIP, as well as contact information.

Hotel Guest Folios with Satisfied Business Traveler

On the bottom of the form, besides the usual "Subtotal", "Tax" and "Total" fields, it also adds space for "Cashier's Signature" (this is for printing purpose only - not a field saved to database), and "Guest's Signature", with a declaration like "I agree that my liability for this bill is not waived and agree to be held personally liable in the event that the indicated person, company or association fails to pay for any part or the full amount of the these charges".

Business Invoice for Netherlands

Secondly, we modify the display format of the original "City ZIP" line, so that it shows "ZIP city". For example: Los Angeles, 12345 in Holland it is normal to put the ZIP first and then the name of the city. For example: 12345 Los Angeles, or "1234 AA Amsterdam".

Basic Blank Service Format (No-tax)

This template, "Basic Blank Service Format (No-tax)", which you could download for free, calculates subtotal and total automatically using Excel formulas. It has no tax field set. If you have Invoice Manager for Excel installed, it would be easier if you have the need to change its taxing rules - firstly, open this template Basic Blank Service Format (No-tax) as usually. And then, click the Settings button on the "Invoice" ribbon tab. And then, on the Taxes tab of the Settings window, you'll find option for "no-tax", "One tax" and "Two taxes". There are also options for tax names and rates too. Once you've finished settings up these preferences, click the "Apply" button on the button of the "Taxes" tab to have Invoice Manager for Excel adjust the template automatically for you.

How to Make a Construction Invoice

A printable invoice for use by a general contractor in the construction industry. Besides electronic format as either PDF or Excel spreadsheet (xlsx or xls) document, you can also print invoices. You need this simple invoice because you can use it anytime, anywhere. It has lines for description, quantity, rate, and amount, for both materials and labor. It automatically subtotals the items, adds sales tax and totals everything for you!

Business Invoice with Customer-Specific Discounting

Every business is different, the pricing model could also be very different. If you prefer to offer prices based on customer values or levels, visit c6006 Customer Value Based Pricing.

Proforma Invoice for Collection Business

Below the total section, there is bank section which allows you to specify your bank name, branch name, account number, and swift code.

Form with 5 Price Levels

Once you moved the cells and controls out of the printable area, and done all the other formatting jobs, such as setting colors and background patterns, setting up borders, you need to restore the invoice template to its working state - that is to exit design mode and protect the sheet.

Service Invoice with Profit Calculation

Note that the "Taxable" column is placed inside the printable area, along with the other standard columns, such as price and description etc., while the "Cost" and "Profit" columns are designed in a way that will not show these to your customers / clients. The "Taxable" and "Cost" are standard fields that are included in the default database and template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel program, but the "Profit" is a custom field in this implementation. Please look into the documents of Invoice Manager for Excel, which can be opened by clicking the Help button on the Invoice Manager for Excel version of this template, for a detailed description on custom fields. Custom fields are supported in all editions of Invoice Manager for Excel, including Invoice Manager for Excel Standard, Invoice Manager for Excel Net, Invoice Manager for Excel Enterprise. Unlike the freeware edition of this Service Invoice with Profit Calculation, the Invoice Manager for Excel offers more powerful features, such management of customers, products / inventory, invoices and payments. The generated invoices can be printed, or send as electronic invoices in PDF or Excel format. With the help of Excel and custom fields, you can even easily modify the default invoicing form to create forms for other purpose, such as estimate / quote / receipt.

Simple Billing Format - Using Currency Symbol

While not displaying a currency symbol is acceptable for many businesses or companies, there are cases that it is helpful to show a specific currency symbol on the invoices or bills. This tutorial details the steps required to set a currency symbol for all the money fields on the invoice layout. The result of this customization is a simple invoice template that could be downloaded for free, like all the other templates available here on

Advanced Format - Email Is Required Before Saving Invoice

In Advanced Invoicing Sample - Macro-Enabled Invoicing Template (c5101) we looked at how to make your invoice template a macro-enabled template, and provided information and resource links involved, such as Office / Excel security settings, digital signature, etc. In Advanced Invoicing Sample - Invoiced Total in English Words (c5102), we provided a practical example implemented as a macro-enabled invoicing template, i.e. a user-defined Excel formula / function that is able to convert a numeric value into English words.

Simple Invoicing Template - Moving Item# Column

This simple invoice template demonstrates how to move out the Item# (or Product #) column from the printable invoicing form. The result template still has the item# column but it is not printable.

Basic Billing Format with Blue-violet Gradient Background

This basic sales invoicing sample has an abstract blue-violet gradient painting in the background that looks like brushed with a liquid. This design sample also has the stripes background on the detail section removed.

PayPal Payment Button Using Custom Image

You can easily add the PayPal payment button to the templates available here on, by simply clicking "Add / Update PayPal Button" on the "Invoice" ribbon tab. The default button is one of the standard PayPal payment images, which might look familiar to many people who do online transactions frequently.

Form with 5 Price Levels

The discount level number of a customer and the discounted prices of the selected invoicing items, although appear on the invoice form when you create an invoice, they will not be included in the printed hard copy of an invoice or the extracted invoice that you sent to your customer. This happens because all these fields are placed outside the printable area, which is the area that will get printed when you issue the "Print" command in Excel.

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