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Excel Payment Voucher Template

Are you a small business owner? If so, you know just how important a payment voucher can be when making purchases or paying for services. This general purpose payment voucher template in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format can help you create a voucher that is professional looking and easy to understand. Excel Payment voucher template is daily use document for every kind of sealing and purchasing businesses and payment voucher template is a designed format of professional voucher. All you need to do is download the free voucher template and open it using Microsoft Excel 2003 or later version and then update important info such as company's logo contact details.

Payment Receipt Template

This free payment receipt format offers you an easy way to prepare payment receipts. Both a PDF format, a free edition and an edition that works with Invoice Manager for Excel can be downloaded for free here on online. For a service edition of this free receipt template, see Service Receipt Template.

Cash Payment Voucher Template

Cash Payment Voucher Template contains 5 columns (item#, description, quantity, price, and amount) and no "Advance" field on the bottom of the form. The "Discount" field on the bottom of the voucher form is a custom field - meaning that the default sales invoice template (the origin of all the templates available here on does not contain this field. In order to be able to give discount to customers, all the payment voucher templates in this serials include the discount custom field, which is defined in the Invoice Header database table.

Invoice Sample with Partial Payment and Payment History

In this sample that you can download for free, we've added 2 more rows. So there are now 5 rows in total in the "Payment Detail" section.

Service Invoice with Payment Advice

Note: For a updated version of this template see Green Gradient Service Invoice Template.

Like all the other invoice templates here on, this Service Invoice with Payment Advice was also created from the default invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel installer program. The most noticeable features of this template are that it has the shipping section moved out of the printable area of the template, and on the invoice body there are only two columns - a Description column and a Line Total column. Both columns are manually editable.

Voucher Template (Golden Shop)

Payment voucher is specific voucher which can be used as the proof of any transaction which is done between two parties. This payment voucher template is designed especially for golden retail shop that want to show the weight of each item that are being sold.

PDF Invoice with PayPal Button

You can include a PayPal payment button on your PDF invoices to accept online payment via PayPal. In this free sample we demonstrates how to add the PayPal button to the standard invoice template shipped with UIS 4.17.

PayPal Payment Button Using Custom Image

For steps on adding the PayPal payment button to your invoices and bills, see PDF Invoice with PayPal Button.

If you prefer to make your invoices differ from others, like to make your business stands out from the generals, you are free to replace the default image with your own, just like you can easily replace the default logo image we used on many of our forms, by using just the built-in tools provided by Microsoft Excel.

Simple Invoicing Sample - Decimal Precision of Product Prices

The detailed steps of this customization sample are shown below, with the sample template created in c4051 Simple Invoice Template - Discount Amount Field as the starting point. Note that you need have Invoice Manager for Excel installed in order to follow this tutorial, which is our invoicing software app (invoicing program) that combines the power of Excel with backend database, providing features that could hardly be implemented with pure Excel only, such as management of customers, products, invoices and payments.

General Estimate Template

Both the "Description" and "Amount" column on this form are manually editable / fillable. The "Item#" column, which is required by Invoice Manager for Excel, is moved out of the printable form. The printable form is the area defined by the "Print_Area" name. In Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, each worksheet could have a print area defined - you it is not defined, the whole used area is printed when you issue the print command; otherwise, only the area identified by "Print_Area" name is printed.

Transport Invoicing Form with GST

On the top of the form is a section for your own business, including your company logo (to replace the default "" logo placeholder), transportation business name, PO Box and city, state (province), ABN#, telephone number etc.

Growers Wholesale Nursery Invoice Template

To archive this goal we first add the category column to the left-most printable section -- i.e. Excel spreadsheet column "F". The cells on this column are named according to the rules of custom fields. That is, they are named as "oknCategory_1", "oknCategory_2" ... "oknCategory_12", where "okn" is the name prefix that should be added to all names, and "Category" it the field name in the underlying Microsoft Access or SQL Server database.

Hourly Service Billing Statement

While all the invoicing templates online here on is has the final common source - the default template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel, our invoicing software that is able to turns a pure Excel-formatted spreadsheet template into a complete invoicing program, the direct source of this design, Hourly Service Billing Template (or Hourly Service Billing Form) is actually based on c4001 Billing Template with 4 Columns.

HVAC Service Invoice Template

This free HVAC service invoice template includes two forms on the "Invoice" worksheet. The first is a regular invoice form, and the second is a Heating & Air Conditioning service order / work order form.

Auto Repair Invoice Template

The auto repair invoice template in Microsoft Excel format has 5 columns one the invoice body section within the printable invoice form, including: #, description, quantity, price, line total. The free auto repair invoice layout does not include shipping fields, just like the other service invoice templates available online here on The unique features that are available only in this auto repair invoice sample are the fields for insurance information, including Company and Claim#, and the fields for vehicle information, such as Year, Make, Model and Color. This makes the car repair invoice template an ideal tool to draft your invoices. This invoice template is also one of the good examples on customizing the invoice template. On the top of the invoice form, there is also a "Time In" field below the "Date In" field (which is usually labeled with "Invoice Date" on most invoice templates here on We've kept the Shipping Cost field inside the printable auto repair invoice form.

Attorney Billing Statement (South Africa Currency)

If you are an independent attorney, an invoicing and billing template may be your choice to create and email professional and customized Invoices. This simple Excel formatted Attorney Bill Template (South Africa Currency) provides a sample that you can download for free.

Receipt Template for Seafood Restaurant

This template set the tax name to "VAT". You can easily change this by following the steps below if Invoice Manager for Excel is already installed on your system (Invoice Manager for Excel requires Windows from XP to 10, with Excel / Office from 2003 and later).

Welding / Fabrication Tax Billing Template

This invoice template, which we named Welding / Fabrication Tax Invoice or Welding / Fabrication Tax Billing Template, is based on Welder Invoicing Template / Welder Billing Form (c7021). With this template, we removed the Dimension column from the invoice detail section, but move the Taxable column from outside the printable area to be inside the printable area. This makes the Taxable column, which is implmented as a checkbox column that is printed or included when the invoice is exacted or is generated as a PDF welding invoice. In order to create this template from c7021, we first unprotect the Invoice worksheet, switch to design mode, move the Dimension column outside the printable area, and the move in the taxable option boxes.

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