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Software Development Invoice Sample

There are 16 lines and 4 columns on the detail section. This is where you list the services you rendered, such as software programming, engineering, bug testing, whether to provide source code, maintenance, programming language, technical support -- everything as detailed as possible. This helps you client to understand what jobs you have done. For complex projects you even need a separate contact to write everything down before starting the project.

Proforma Invoice with Printable Earth Map Background

Since proforma invoices, like commercial invoices, are mainly for cross-board international trading, we believe an earth map is a suitable background / watermark for it. The earth map is an abstract image create from a vector image. It is placed on the center of the printable proforma invoicing form, which is defined by the special "Print_Area" Excel range name.

Engineering Service Billing Form

This template also includes space for you to add a handwriting signature image on the bottom of the invoice form. Like the default LOGO image placed on the heading of the invoice form, if you need to keep the signature image in the extracted copy of your invoice, the image should be named with "oknWidget_" prefix.

Advanced Format - Email Is Required Before Saving Invoice
  1. First open your invoice template as usual.
  2. Press ALT+F11 on keyboard to open the macro editor (Visual Basic for Applications editor).
  3. Create a new module by clicking the menu "Insert", and then "Module".
  4. Copy & paste the following code into the editor.
    Public Sub NewSaveToDBProc()
        If Range("oknWhoEmail").Value = "" Then
            MsgBox "Please enter email address in the 'Bill To' section.", vbExclamation + vbOKOnly, "Save Invoice"
            Exit Sub
        End If
        CallImfe ("oknCmdSave")
    End Sub
  5. Click menu "File" and then "Save".
  6. Click menu "File" and then "Close and Return to Microsoft Excel".
  7. Click the "Design Mode" button on the "Invoice" worksheet.
  8. Right-click the "Save To DB" button, choose "Assign Macro..." from the shortcut menu.
  9. On the "Assign Macro" dialog box, click and choose "NewSaveToDBProc" (which is the procedure name we created in the previous steps).
  10. Click "OK" to assign this new macro to the button and close the "Assign Macro" dialog box.
  11. Rename the button from the original "oknCmdSave" to something else, for example "MyNewSaveToDB". To do this, make sure the button is select, and then enter the new name into the name box on the formula bar.
  12. Exit design mode by clicking the "Design Mode" button again on the "Invoice" worksheet.
  13. Save the template by clicking the "Save" button on Excel quick access toolbar.
Basic Blank Service Invoice Format (One-tax)

Like all the other templates available here on, "c2013 Basic Blank Service Invoice Format (One-tax)" could be used standalone without Invoice Manager for Excel. But if Invoice Manager for Excel is installed, it not only turns the simple Excel billing template into a powerful invoicing system, but also helpful commands like "Design Mode" (which unprotect the sheet and push the "design mode" button on the "Developer" ribbon tab). The trial version of Invoice Manager for Excel is fully functional within the trial period, which you can download free of charge. So why don't download and give it a try?

Payment Receipt Template

Receipt plays important role in the verification process and in the process of audit. The standard invoice template included in the setup program of Invoice Manager for Excel already provided the details of payments, but they are put into hidden cells for the purpose of simplifying the form. A detailed tutorial on how to unhide the payment details section of the invoice form was originally published on, but now moved here at Receipt Form on

The blank payment receipt template is formatted as an Excel ".xls" document.

Simple 2-Column Sales Invoice Sample

The default template has 5 columns within the printable invoice body - product#, description, quantity, unit price, line total. This simple 2-column sales invoicing form, designed for general invoicing purpose, moved the product#, quantity, and unit price columns out of the printable area. The description and amount columns left inside the printable area are all manually editable, making it suitable for general invoicing needs.

Standard Business Invoicing Format with Oval Button

This free Excel standard business invoicing template is a advanced customization variant of the default invoicing template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel version 5. A PDF sample invoice is also provided. A new version based on this title could be found at Business Invoice Template for Netherlands.

Invoicing Template for Integrated Security Service

On the top of the invoicing form, the invoice date and invoice# are populated by Invoice Manager for Excel when you click "Save Invoice".

Law Office Billing Sample (Indian INR currency)
  1. First make a backup of your template and Access database file.
  2. Open the template.
  3. Click the "Design Mode" button on the "Invoice" ribbon.
  4. Go to Excel "Formulas" ribbon tab, and then click the "Name Manager" button.
  5. On the name manager dialog box, browse to and find / select the "oknShippingCost" name, click "Edit".
  6. Enter the new name "oknBankCharge".
  7. To make the bank charge column populated on reports, we also need to rename "oknRsShippingCost" to "oknRsBankCharge", rename "oknRcShippingCost" to "oknRcBankCharge", and rename "oknRrShippingCost" to "oknRrBankCharge".
  8. Click "Close" to close the name manager dialog box and return to the Excel worksheet.
  9. Exit design mode by clicking the "Design Mode" button again on the "Invoice" worksheet.
Invoicing Template with Watermark of New York

The "Paid" and "Balance Due" cells, which are put inside the printable form in the default template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel, were now moved out of the "Print_Area" section. This simplifies the form layout. If you need to keep these fields on the printed bills or the PDF version, move them back by following the instructions detailed in the "Create Invoice Template" document.

Labor Billing Format for Excel

Just like most Excel sample invoicing template here on, Labor Invoice Template has a logo placeholder image on the top of the form, which you can replace with your own image.

GST and PST Billing Form

To load the "Is Service" value into the invoice form when a product/item is selected, all you need to do is to name a column of cells on the invoice form, in the format oknIsService_1, oknIsService_2, ..., oknIsService_12, where "okn" is the prefix for all the cell/range names used by Invoice Manager for Excel; and "IsService" is the field name in both the Product and InvBdy database tables - it is this name created the link between the invoice form and backend database, i.e. Invoice Manager for Excel depends on this field name to find out where to display a value loaded from database; and the last part, "_1", "_2", ..., "_12", is the line number.

Telecom Consultant Estimate Form

Consultant Estimation Template includes 10 lines on the body section for you to itemize service details. Following the service details, there is a declaration that says "This invoice is an estimation based on our recommendation letter. The next invoice, due in approximately 3 months, will be based on actual savings. Any over/under estimations will be adjusted at that time." If you prefer to customize this estimate template for creating actual invoices, it's recommended to remove this declaration.

Bike Shop Invoice Template

This bike shop invoice template in Microsoft Excel xlsx format provides a simple invoices generator for bicycle retail shops or warehouses for the bikes, clothing, accessories, chain whip, and parts sold and related services / repair works rendered.