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Video Production Invoice

If you are a production assistant, camera operator, videographer, video editor, music producer, or have any filmmaking related jobs, doing it as a freelancer, independent contractor or incorporated company, this PA invoice template helps you create attractive invoice in no time.

Agency Billing Template

Designed initially for a car insurance agency company, this invoice template is actually suitable for many agency types. The template has three columns on the printable, but two interesting columns, Broke Fee and Cost, are outside the printable area.

Invoicing Template with Modern Design

You may also like to see our designer invoice templates. All templates here on are created based on the default template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel, which is our desktop invoicing software that supports Windows XP, Vista, 8 and 10, and Microsoft Excel 2003 / 2007 / 2010 / 2013 and 2016. Invoice Manager for Excel is a lightweight invoicing assistant program that connects an Excel invoicing template with backend database, providing features and functionalities that are hard to implement with pure-Excel. In fact, all Excel invoicing templates here on are examples of customizing the template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel.

Bill Format for Roofing Service

This billing and invoicing format for roofing service is created based on the standard invoicing template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel installer program. See the standard invoice template category for more samples on this topic. The most noticeable differences between this customized format and the standard template is that, besides the color schema, this roofing service version shows a roofer image on top of the form. This image is added as a background image, so it will not show when you are creating invoices - the roofer image shows only on printed invoices, or the PDF version that you generate with Invoice Manager for Excel and email to your customer.

Duplicate 5.5 X 8.5 Invoices per Page

Now let's how to make a duplicate copy of the form, which could be printed on the same paper when you click the "Print" command to print invoices. This sample template is based on the simple template created with c4066 1/2 Page Invoice Template, where the form occupies only a half of the paper size.

Proposal and Quote Template provides you this proposal template are free to download and you don't need to pay a single cent. You also don't need to get registered first or signing for a premium membership. All you need is to choose the one you like and click on download button of your favorite free proposal template.

Sales Template with Signature

This sample sales invoice template was original published on, at Invoice Template Sample - Using Handwriting Signature in Your Invoices. We've tested this template here at and released it in two editions - the first template falls into the sales invoice template category that has shipping fields included, and the second template falls into the service invoice template category and has the shipping fields excluded. Each version of the template has two documents offered here - a freeware invoice template that you can use without the installation of Invoice Manager for Excel, and another one that should be used with Invoice Manager for Excel installed. Invoice Manager for Excel is our invoicing software that has the ability to turn a simple Excel invoice template into a complete invoicing program, with the features such as managing customers, products, invoices and payments.

Music Store Invoicing Form (Wholesale)

Just like the other new fields COMPOSER, INSTRUMENTATION, PUBLISHER and COMMENT, this new fields "Discount Rate" and "Discount Amount" are also added as custom fields. However, unlike those custom fields that are detailed in the Music Store Invoicing Form (Retail) document, these discount custom fields are added to the "InvHdr" database table.

Simple Service Billing Format

Simple Service Invoice Template is customized based on Simple Sales Invoice Template / Simple Sales Billing Format. Another invoicing format with similar layout and style is also available here on, at Simple Consulting Invoice Template / Simple Consulting Billing Format.

1/2 Page Invoice Template

This simple template sample will be created from c4051 Simple Invoicing Sample - Discount Amount Field. Like the other tutorials and samples in this serial here on, we'll mainly focus on how to do the customization. You can also refer to Creating and Customizing Invoice Template for more information on the important techniques involved in the customization of our Excel billing forms. For a quick tutorial movie on creating invoice, visit the tutorial on creating an invoice.

Medical Invoice Template (2)

Like the original medical bill sample, the name in the "Bill To" section is not necessary same as the name in the "Patient" section. The patient name, the person whose specimen was processed or actually treated at the hospital, should be put in the "Patient" section.

Form with 5 Price Levels

As the name of this invoice template implies, it is a sales invoice template that has shipping information inside the printable range on the invoice form, and the prices or discounts are in percentage.

Simple Sales Invoicing Sample

Note that we've used several illustrations / shapes of Microsoft Excel to archive the beautiful invoicing form, such as the parallelogram with the big word "INVOICE" in it, the "flowchart: terminator" shapes surrounding the "BILL TO" and "SHIP TO" labels, and the circle shape object on the bottom of the sales invoice form.

Child Care Billing Format

The detail section on this form includes 5 columns - "Date", "Description", "Qty", "Rate" and "Line total". This design is intended for commercial child care facilities, home and private daycares, babysitting, nanny services, allowing to charge for child transportation, meals, education, etc.

Music Store Invoicing Form (Retail)

The printable form, Music Store Invoice Template (Retail), is exactly same as the default sales invoice template. So to implement this Music Store Invoice Template (Retail) based on the sales invoice template, all you need to do is to add the 4 custom fields to the Invoice Body (InvBdy) and Product database tables, and then add the 4 columns with each column mapped to a field in the database tables.

Billing Format with Hours and Rate

Invoice Template with Hours and Rate or Billing Format with Hours and Rate is a service billing format that calculates line totals from hours and hourly rate. Based on c4025 Hourly Service Billing Format, this template offers a different look and feel by applying various Excel formatting options.

Psychologist Invoice Template

Except the "Current Balance" column, which is in fact the "Line total" column in the default invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel, all the other columns are manually fillable when you create an invoice. The calculation of "Current Balance" is done by "Charge - Payments - Insurance Payments" using Excel formulas. As you can see, we completely redefined the calculation method of the "Current Balance" or "Line total" cells, without breaking or modifying Invoice Manager for Excel, which is our invoicing software that processes tasks like saving invoices, auto-generation of invoice numbers, tracking customers etc. Even in complex accounting / invoicing systems on the market, this level of flexibility could hardly be found. Invoice Manager for Excel archived this easily because it uses Excel spreadsheets as its front end.

VAT Billing Form with 2 Separate Rates

Unlike the previously released c5005 VAT invoicing sample, revised this template and add the default LOGO image back to the invoicing template, at the top center of the spreadsheet. In case you don't need it, you can move it out of the printable area, or delete it completely. To do this, you'll have to first unprotect the spreadsheet, and then switch to design mode.

This template added custom fields to Customer, Product, Invoice Header and Invoice Body database tables.

Simple Proforma Invoicing Sample

This sample template belongs to simple invoice template. As compared to our previous Proforma Invoicing Template (Template# c7010), this template does not contains the "Taxable" checkbox column on the invoice detail section, assuming all items invoiced are all taxable. Further more, this template has only on tax set on the bottom form, with the name set as Sales Tax. The other samples of Proforma Invoicing Templates here on include: Proforma (1st Sample of Customization), demonstrating how to change the color theme of the proforma invoicing sample; Proforma (2nd Sample of Customization), demonstrating how to enter your business information and replace the default logo image; Proforma (3rd Sample of Customization), demonstrating how to add a drop-down list to an existing proforma invoicing form, so that you can choose the currency for the current transaction from a list, instead of typing in manually; Proforma Invoicing Format (4th Sample, Landscape Page Orientation), demonstrating how to change the paper orientation so that the proforma invoices created with the template could be printed on papers with landscape paper orientation.

Snow Removal Billing Format

For basic and quick tutorial on how to add a new column to an existing invoice template, visit Simple Sample - Adding Discount Column here on For more invoicing formats and designs that do calculations based on hours and rates, see Invoice Template with Hours and Rate, Top Results for Hourly Invoice Template, Beautiful Service Invoice Template with Hourly Rate, Hourly Service Invoice Template, New Zealand Tax Invoice Template and Canadian Invoice Template with HST.

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