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Looking for free invoice templates in AI? Yes with Adobe Illustrator, the vector graphics editor developed and marketed by Adobe Systems, it is easy to create attractive, out-of-the-ordinary invoices, as well as logo images, brochures and business cards.

But how about calculations? Unless you do invoicing very rarely, it's better to have the calculations of invoices automated. This not only saves your time, but also avoid possible mistakes. A blank invoice template in AI (".ai" files) does not do this for you.

Consider our freely downloadable templates in MS Excel format. We have beautiful and professional forms that are comparable to those created with Illustrator, but also do automatic calculations. Even better, our templates works with Invoice Manager for Excel, which enables advanced features like automatic invoice numbering, invoice and payment tracking etc.

Still want some AI template samples? Try Top 10 Best Free Professional Invoice Template Designs in Ai & PSD Format.

Here are our templates closely related to Invoice Template AI.

Commercial Invoice - FedEx Style
Commercial Invoice Format - FedEx Style

A pro forma invoice only needs to include sufficient information to allow for a determination of duties and examination. Since there is no required format for either type of invoice, a commercial invoice and a pro forma invoice may appear virtually identical or they may appear radically different. You can find several samples on pro forma invoice templates too here on, for example Proforma Invoicing Sample, Simple Proforma Invoice Template, Proforma Invoice Template (4th Sample, Landscape Page Orientation), etc. For a full list of the commercial and proforma invoice template available here, visit the category page at commercial and proforma invoice template.

Pet Sitting Invoice Sample
Pet Care Billing Format

So this sheet has a fixed item on the detail section. The fixed item stays there even when you click "Clear & New". This is ideal if your customers always choose the particular item, or it is a free gift given to all customers walk in to your shop. So why doesn't Invoice Manager for Excel clear the "fixed item" cells like what it does for other lines? The secret behind this is that the values of the cells are all assigned with Excel formulas.

Pest Control Invoice / Work Order
Pest Control Invoice / Work Order

Not satisfied with the existing fields we put on the Pest Control Invoice / Work Order form? No problem. You can add new fields by simple dragging and dropping. The complete design documents are packed into Invoice Manager for Excel installer program. So feel free to download and try it. The trial version of Invoice Manager for Excel is fully functional within the trial period.

Creative Invoice Sample
Creative Invoice Sample

Being imaginative is important to be creative. This free creative invoice template in Excel spreadsheet and PDF format adds a cartoon image of a thinking head (the creative man) as the background (i.e. watermark).

Advertising Agency Invoice Template
ad agency bill format

Like the default template installed with Invoice Manager for Excel, this template has two taxes set on the bottom of the form.

Lawn Care Invoice Template
Lawn Care Bill Format

The amount column was calculated by using Excel formulas. This is one of the big advantages of using MS Excel as your invoicing creator. Tools like Microsoft Word or even Adobe PDF and Photoshop is able to render a beautiful billing form too, but it is easier to do calculations with Excel.

Work Invoice in Excel
Work Invoice in Excel

The word art feature is an interesting and useful feature available in Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel and Power Point. The basic usage of word art is described at Insert WordArt document on Microsoft's web site. With word art, you can create fancy text effects with just a few mouse clicks. Programs like Adobe Photoshop is able to create beautiful arts of word too, the advantages of using Office's built-in word art feature are obvious - it is simple, and the result is easily editable within Excel and Word itself.

Job Estimate Template for Excel
Job Estimate in Excel Format

While in the Estimate Templates gallery we've already published several templates that could be used for estimating and quoting purpose, like the General Estimate Template and Telecom Consultant Estimation Template, this template differs from other in the number of columns and the layout of the form itself.

Consulting Invoicing Form
Consulting Invoicing Form

Consulting Invoice Template is suitable for those who provide consulting service. It details invoice #, invoice date, client information, service provided. Two tax types are supported but customization is possible.

UIS V5.11 Standard Invoice Template and Shortcut Keys
Standard Invoice Format and Shortcut Keys for UIS Version 5.11

If you are using a template that does not have buttons on the sheet, but want to add the buttons, follow the steps below.

Advanced Sample - Macro-Enabled Invoicing Template
Advanced Bill Sample - Macro-Enabled Billing Template

One of the major concerns about using macro-enabled templates is that security settings of Microsoft Excel. If the macro you create does not have a digital signature, with the default security settings Excel disables it with a warning message shown.

Customer Value Based Pricing
Customer Value Based Pricing

Secondly, the price level fields should be added to both the Product and Invoice Body database tables too. This invoice template uses the default Price field for storing distributor price, so we need 3 additional price fields, WholesalePrice, RetailPrice and IndividualPrice, for price level of wholesale, retail and individual customers, respectively. For the Invoice Body database table, in addition to the 3 price level fields defined in the Product table, it requires another price level field SpecialPrice for storing price value if the customer's price type is Special. There are also other custom fields added to the Invoice Body database table to meet the requirements of reporting, discounting, etc.

Blank Service Invoice Template with Auspicious Clouds Border
Blank Service Bill Format with Auspicious Clouds Border

In the previous billing sample c3019 Blank Service Invoice Template with Image Border, we demonstrates how to use an image as a border of your invoices and bills. The image border used with c3019 is some abstract lines with a pair of big quotations on the top-left and bottom-right corners.

Work Order and Processing Sheet Practical Sample
Work Order and Processing Sheet Form Practical Sample

Like other templates here on, this format is provided in Excel (".xlsx") format too. You may find work order template in Microsoft Word (".docx" or ".doc") elsewhere, but Excel-based ".xlsx" format has its advantages over Word such as automated calculations etc. Furthermore, all our templates works well with Invoice Manager for Excel.

Irish Sales VAT Invoice Template
Irish Sales VAT Billing Form
  1. the date of issue of the invoice,
  2. a sequential number, based on one or more series, which uniquely identifies the invoice,
  3. the full name, address and the registration number of the person who supplied the goods or services to which the invoice relates,
  4. the full name and address of the person to whom the goods or services were supplied,
  5. in the case of a reverse charge (excluding a supply of construction services subject to Relevant Contracts Tax) supply the Value-Added Tax identification number of the person to whom the supply was made and an indication that a reverse charge applies,
  6. in the case of a supply of goods, other than a reverse charge supply, to a person registered for Value-Added Tax in another Member State, the person's Value-Added Tax identification number in that Member State and an indication that the invoice relates to an intra-Community supply of goods,
  7. the quantity and nature of the goods supplied or the extent and nature of the services rendered,
  8. the date on which the goods or services were supplied or, in the case of early payment prior to the completion of the supply, the date on which the payment on account was made, in so far as that date differs from the date of issue of the invoice,
  9. in respect of the goods or services supplied:
    • the unit price exclusive of VAT,
    • any discounts or price reductions not included in the unit price, and
    • the consideration exclusive of VAT.
  10. in respect of the goods or services supplied, other than reverse charge supplies:
    • the consideration exclusive of tax for each rate (including zero-rate) of VAT, and
    • the rate of VAT chargeable.
  11. the VAT payable in respect of the supply of the goods or services, except in the case of:
    • a reverse charge supply, or
    • goods supplied:
      • under the margin scheme for second-hand goods, or
      • under the special scheme for auctioneers,
      where the invoice should be clearly endorsed ‘Margin Scheme – this invoice does not give the right to an input credit of VAT'.
  12. in the case where a tax representative is liable to pay the VAT in another Member State, the full name and address and the Value-Added Tax identification number of that representative.
Invoicing Template in Euros
Invoicing Template in Euros

Download this free simple VAT invoice template in Excel format for invoicing in Euros. This design has a similar layout as the German version. The differences are that all labels are in English, and it shows the Euro symbol on cells, and also has a Euro watermark on the form.

Jewelry Receipt Template
Bill Format for Jewelry Shop

So when we need to design a new form layout for a specific industry application, we started from looking for a similar Excel template that are already published here on This is true to the bill format for jewelry store too. If you are familiar with Microsoft Excel, you can do the customizations too, by following the tips and guidelines given in the Creating and Designing an Invoicing Template document.

Hotel Bill Format with Online Payment Button
Hotel Bill Format with Online Payment Button

With this design, we've also removed the original "Country" field, placed the "Email Address" field in the "Bill To" section. "Other Information" is now a general purpose, multiple lined "Notes" box.